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Survival Science for Dad and Kids

Crafting DIY Sound Instruments to survive any fantasy adventure you can imagine

We know a thing or two about family adventures, when we first started out, adventure science was the first activity we ever ran (check out our camp photos to see our adventures). A few of us grew up playing in the backyard and while the times have changed, the importance of being outdoor hasn't. Which is why we are taking today's science lesson on an expedition. Welcome to Survival Science for dad and kids!

Picture this: you're in the heart of the wilderness, armed with only your wits. Your smartphone is on roaming and you'd rather risk a wild beast encounter than get ripped off by your telecom provider.

Here we are trying in the middle of nowhere trying to get someone, anyone's attention way way over there. What do we do? In such moments, we turn to ancient tools.

Today, we're delving into the past to learn the art of crafting a bullroar – an instrument as primal as it is loud. But that's not the only trick up our sleeves; we'll also be fashioning a DIY harmonica that doubles as a wilderness whistle. One whose sound can travel great distances, the other to help us keep track of each in the tall grass. Buckle up for an adventure where survival meets creativity, and let's get started.

Project 1: DIY Harmonica – The Wilderness Whistle

In the wilderness, a harmonica isn't just a musical instrument; it's a survival whistle that can cut through the silence and attract attention when needed. Here's a simple guide on how to create your very own wilderness harmonica:


Popsicle sticks

Rubber bands


  • Frame Construction:

  • Pitch Adjustment:

  • Survival Serenade:

Project 2: Craft a Bullroarer – The Ancient Messenger

When you find yourself amidst echoing wilderness and vast terrains, the bullroarer becomes your primal messenger. This ancient instrument produces a distinctive sound that can carry through the wild. Let's summon the echoes of the past:


Thick string or twine

Small rectangular wooden piece/popsicle stick

Hole-punch or drill

Wooden Piece Prep:

  • Find and then cut a small rectangular piece of wood – this will be the blade of your bullroar, alternatively glue a couple popsicle sticks together for beginners.

  • Punch a hole in one end of the wooden piece for attaching the string, you can use a swiss army knife or a cork screw if a hole puncher isn't handy..

String Attachment:

  • Thread a length of string through the hole and secure it with a knot.

The Whirling Motion:

  • Hold the bullroarer by the free end of the string and swing it around in a circular motion.

Summon the Ancients:

  • As the bullroarer spins, it produces a haunting sound that travels over long distances, think of it like your primitive messenger in the wilderness.

Bonding Through Survival Adventure Fantasies

These DIY sound instruments not only serve practical purposes in the wild but also become powerful symbols of survival and resourcefulness. Gather your family, let Dad take the lead, and embark on a journey of crafting and bonding. In the face of adventure, these instruments transform into tools of communication, adding a touch of wild melody to your survival fantasy. So, gear up, unleash your creativity, and let the adventures begin!

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