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About Us

Green, warrior, sustainability, Molecular Education

Molecular first began as a science activity provider recognizing the declining interest of younger generations in STEM topics. We developed immersive scenario learning experience through storytelling, multi-sensory techniques and DIY applications to inspire youth to get curious and inquisitive about the limitless practicality of science in every facet of life from arts to sports to cooking and beyond.

From this, we have begun a shift towards curating our programs towards real world applications and context through entrepreneurship and sustainability focused projects and activities to ensure that everyone completes our programs better prepared and more in-tune with the direction the world is trending towards.  


Vision-Mission statement 

Our aim is to empower young entrepreneurs, would-be inventors, eco-warriors and community uplifters to become leaders through project-based activities. 




This pillar emphasizes the impact and life cycle of the materials used in a project's development, as well as the ability of a project to support a more sustainable and environmentally positive use and outcome compared with the status quo.

Sustainability, science, Molecular, Innovation
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