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Molecular Holiday Camps

Our Molecular camps are curated and designed to create a memorable experience to learn, make friends and have fun. Developing key life skills along the way. We are very passionate about our camps and we make sure that there is a clear balance between engaged learning and physical activity. 

Molecular & Qatar  Watersport

Learning is at its most engaging when at the beach. A special limited capacity event that combines all the best parts of learning about the marine environment while enjoying all the activities a day at the beach has to offer. With a certified diligence and reputation for safety and fun, this will prove an exciting experience.

Molecular & BE Sports Camps

Combine our hands on educational Molecular programs with top sport coaches from BE Sports and you get a well rounded and exciting camp.

My son has learnt so much he is now baking! My son is in charge of the cookies now through the holidays.

I would recommend this camp to everyone! This was one of the best overall experiences for my son. Thank you to all of you! 

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