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Molecular Holiday Camps

Our Molecular camps are curated and designed to create a memorable experience to learn, make friends and have fun. Developing key life skills along the way. We are very passionate about our camps and we make sure that there is a clear balance between engaged learning and physical activity. 

Molecular & Qatar  Watersport

Learning is at its most engaging when at the beach. A special limited capacity event that combines all the best parts of learning about the marine environment while enjoying all the activities a day at the beach has to offer. With a certified diligence and reputation for safety and fun, this will prove an exciting experience.

Molecular & BE Sports Camps

Combine our hands on educational Molecular programs with top sport coaches from BE Sports and you get a well rounded and exciting camp.

What Parent's Say

My son can be pretty hard to please and he is not big on camps either but he's in loves the Molecular camps and the mix of activities offered there. I really love all the exercise and training that they are getting while having fun, and the other activities that are typically the super fun stuff the kids dream of doing! My son just loved these activities and talks about them for months. They made orbeez, they cooked brownie, pizza and made bracelets with beads that shine in the dark, slime and more. Then, there is the staff that I found both super professional and well-trained as well as very friendly and warm with the kids with a "high five" and "let's go have fun!" spirit. My kids loved them and I liked all of them too. Finally the management is truly outstanding. They are very responsive and extremely helpful, making these camps an overall truly excellent experience here in Doha ! I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Marie - mother of Jassem and Lulwa

I have two sons and my eldest of the two has been coming to Molecular camps since they started. The coaches are super kind and worried about the kids. Always smiling. The boys are always happy when I pick them up. The diversity of the activities makes the difference and every year you try to innovate and bring new activities to keep them entertained and excited.

Marisa, in Qatar

My son has learnt so much he is now baking! My son is in charge of the cookies now through the holidays.

I would recommend this camp to everyone! This was one of the best overall experiences for my son. Thank you to all of you! 

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