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5 science projects your girls will love

In our early days, we had a problem. Boys wanted to create big rockets that we could launch as high as possible, and girls wanted each rocket to have its own distinctive look and feel. In short, girls wanted their projects to look good, while boys just wanted them to perform better than everyone else.

It was not an uncommon perception that girls preferred arts and crafts over engineering. But this was the same prevailing perception that kids who were weak at math just didn't like math. The challenge was and still is to make these topics engaging, and the responsibility is always on the education provider. So here are 5 science projects your girls will love!

Project 1: Glitter Galaxy Slime Explosion

girl makes glitter slime at home

Engage your budding scientist with a glittery twist on a classic experiment. Create a vibrant galaxy-themed slime that not only introduces concepts of chemistry and molecular bonds but also allows for personalization and creativity. This is one of the all time favorites, it is fun to play with and easy to customize. We like to call this type of activity the doorway to science because it's always a hit.

Project 2: Rainbow Density Tower

girl makes unicorn theme colorful density experiment

Transform the concept of density into a visually stunning rainbow tower. This project not only explores the scientific principles of liquid density but also lets your girl design a vibrant display of colors. What we like about this project is it involves developing a steady hand, it is not very forgiving if you do it too quickly but the good news is it's as easy as pouring it out to start again. Just remeber when pouring oil down the drain to first mix it with soap so it doesn't clog the pipes. A lesson in plumbing as an added benefit.

Project 3: Magnetic Levitation Magic

girl makes levitating pencil with magnets

This experiment is as much art as it is science and physics. You know those guys who stack balancing rocks on the beach? Well this activity will require some fine tuning and your choice of how to position the polar opposites of each magnet against each other.

Project 4: Create a living terrarium

girl makes terrarium out of old teapot

Introduce environmental science by creating a miniature ecosystem in a neglected teapot or any old jar with a lid, it is really up to you how artsy you want to go. Think of terrarium as an aquarium without the maintenance. It can be visually beautiful and teaches an importance in sustainability and always your girl to get their hands a little dirty!

Project 5: Electric Playdough Circuits

girl makes christmas tree from conductive dough

It's fair to say most of us don't know how electricity works, and in this completely safe activity, your girls can learn about circuity design. The only thing you'll need are a couple wires, a battery housing, and some LEDs easily found at any shops that sells electrical equipement.

We hope your girls love these activities, and let us know how it went on our Facebook and instagram page or reach out to us with an email.

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