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Best Birthdays for kids

amazing birthday event for kids
Birthday moment

Did you know that Birthdays are the effective cousin of New Year's resolutions?

Because the crowd always follows, but the individual leads. This means all together we promise changes and new beginnings, and together we break those promises.

A Birthday has the promise and potential of being everything a New Year isn't. But it does involve putting forward a few ideas for best birthdays for kids to be true.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Birthday Cake

a slice of a kid's birthday cake event
birthday cake

  1. Everything starts and ends with Cake. Design the cake of their dream by asking them to draw it out, color it in or if they can type it out even better.

  2. (PRO LEVEL otherwise skip) If you want to get them comfortable with using Artificial Intelligence, then sign them up for, this is a paid subscription to the best AI image generator available. They will create a realistic image of their ideal cake using nothing but words.

  3. Take your description or AI generated image to instagram and tag local bakers. Ask them to pitch you their best price.

In these 3 simple steps, you have engaged the birthday boy/girl in designing their cake, if old enough they now learnt how to interact with AI to get what they want, and we've taken our design to the market to get the best offer.


science for kids birthday
molecular science activities

  1. A birthday is a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to something new. I am not saying make it the whole event but if there was ever time to make them receptive is on a day surrounded by their favorite people, foods and gifts.

  2. Keep it social. Our birthday activities at Molecular are designed to keep things fun and stimulating, and learning becomes a natural byproduct of doing something fun led by a charismatic teacher.

  3. Keep it short and sweet. Birthdays are stimulation events, so momentum will be on your side so long as you control the pace. Toggling between high energy activities and relaxed activities is a great way to make sure passions don't run high or moods run too low.

Birthday Wish

bday vision board for the whole family
family vision board

How many ways are there to do birthday wishes you ask?

By our count: 2.

The traditional way where they keep their wish a secret, a tradition we feel goes against the tide of transformation and change, even if it is for a little one. Since when do secrets come true but declarations do not?

We think a new tradition in line with vision boards will do better to help remind us and brainstorm how to materialize our wishes. So create a vision board of what you want this coming year. It can be a shared Vision board where each family member puts up their respective wish, that way we can all help each other get to our goal.

We have a great Science Birthday package right here in Doha, Qatar and an even better in-person experience where your kid and their friends will be raving about science, engineering and equating both with fun. That is a win any way you look at it.

Check us out here.


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