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The energy taboo

a christmas tree LED wired by a kid with batteries
christmas tree lights by DIY circuitry

If learning letters and numbers form the bedrock for all future learnings, then energy management is how all the information works together.

We've all been through the education system only to exit with a bunch of different skills and tools that seem as irrelevant to each other as each college course is to another.

The plight of a college graduate is to go through a decade plus of learning things separately to then realize that there is no value in separate and distinct skills that don't work together.

So we spend the next decade trying to figure that out, but did we really need to? As an adult we learn that it isn't just about skills but emotional skills, social skills, and many other factors not emphasized in education that all of a sudden matter so much more than who got what grade on some test.

A lot of schools, courses and camps claim to offer experiences for social development and grey area learnings, and to a degree they do because you literally cannot escape social and emotional learnings in any situation. However..

We need look no further than our own adulthood to know where the greatest learnings occur and they are where the greatest emotional challenges lie and that is in 2 things:

1- Failure

2- Money.

There are 2 challenges to the above which is why I think they are not as widely embraced. Failure is something parents want to protect their children from, we all want success for our kids but if we were to tally the greatest success stories, it always came out of failure not in spite of it.

Second, schools think money is a dirty word, probably because they ask for so much of it. Even at home, we are all advised to save money but not make money, as that is for adulthood. This is a mistake.

Money is emotional to the person who has it and economic to the person who wants it. The energy taboo is about recognizing that money at its core is energy and if you can't develop a healthy productive relationship with it, then others will do it for you and usually to your detriment.

Since all relationships take time to develop and mature, why do we wait until adulthood to begin developing this one? especially since so many adults have a downright hostile relationship with money. Well because....

So long as we protect our kids from failure, we will be protecting them from money. You can't make money without first learning a few hard lessons along the way. With rising costs of goods via inflation happening globally, savers are losing purchasing power faster than they can save. It is no longer a savers world, but one who can take prudent risk vis-a-vis a healthy and productive relationship with money.

In coming articles, we will explore this topic further and being the educational provider that we are, some activities to help get your kids on the path, so subscribe!

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