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Kids enjoying a science experiment

Molecular Science 

This program helps foster an innovator's approach to identifying problems and an entrepreneur's solution-driven mindset as we explore scenario based activities that will engage students' curiosity, express their creativity and support their understanding of timely and relevant world challenges.   

A kid programming, learning code


Students experience the science behind computer softwares, apps and games!


Learning how to code from beginners level using scratch then to languages such as C, swift, python and javascript. 


Children will have the opportunity to code drones, create their own games and apps. 

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A girl loving her new eletronic, bionic arm during electronics class

Molecular Electronics and Engineering 



This program aims to foster the inventor within each of us by bringing together different disciplines ranging from arts, craft, physics, and chemistry to create cool prototype ideas and uses.

A practical hands-on approach to design thinking, practicality, functionality and performance allows every students to explore the development process offering added value and experience in addition to the sense of accomplishment from creating their gadgets

Kids loving their chef programme as they learn how to make vedgetarian sushi

Molecular Chef 

No program will offer greater satisfaction than the one that produces delicious results. Bringing the same innovator's mindset to cooking allows us to think about how we can create food that is tastier, more flavorful, and more satisfying while also making them healthier, more sustainable and more wholesome. We believe an early education in food and diet will reap benefits for the rest of our students lives. 

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