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Molecular science

We believe science now more than ever plays a vital role in helping us solve all of the worlds biggest problems.

For the younger ages this is about discovering the application of science using sensory discovery based methods. 

For the older ages, this program helps foster an innovator's approach to identifying problems and an entrepreneur's solution-driven mindset as we explore scenario based activities that will engage students' curiosity, express their creativity and support their understanding of timely and relevant world challenges. 


AGES: 3-14 years  

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Molecular chef

We explore the science behind cooking from building flavours to mastering cooking techniques.


In this experiment style programme, our children eat what they make while developing their fine motor skills and learning the importance of food, where food comes from and the basics of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

AGES: 3-14 years


Electronics and Engineering

This program aims to foster the inventor within each of us by bringing together different disciplines ranging from arts, craft, physics, and chemistry to create cool prototype ideas and uses.

AGES: 6-14 years


Molecular Coders

Students experience the science behind computer softwares, apps and games!


Learning how to code from beginners level using scratch then to languages such as C, swift, python and javascript. 


Children will have the opportunity to code drones, create their own games and apps. 

AGES: 6-14 years


Molecular Little Sprouts

A sensory and coordination enhancement program for young children to help kids strengthen synaptic connection with fine and gross motor movement using athletic equipment as well as adapted sport equipment (using the molecular DIY approach). 


This programme helps develop sensory connections for a well rounded child - using music, creative game play and using gymnastic elements.

AGES 3-6 years

What Schools say about Molecular ASA's

Molecular is one of the best things that has happened to our kids this year in our ‘After school’s programmes’. Who knew science could be so cool!! With all the fun experiments and wonderfully whacky teachers expanding their minds, the kids have learnt so much and we can’t wait for them to experience more! Thanks to the team!

Hamilton Internation School

ACS International School Doha has been delighted to have worked in partnership with Molecular since their inception. Molecular’s  programmes are varied, differentiated and most importantly, engaging for students. We look forward to continuing this partnership as we take up residence in our new state of the art campus from August 2020

ACS International School Doha

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