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We are all scientists at heart, naturally curious and adventures to try the "what ifs", our goal is to make sure kids never stop loving STEM

Molecular's education concept was developed by a few "garage scientists" as a way to blur the line between learning and play. Almost a decade later and our educational experiment persists in its mission.


 We developed immersive scenario learning experience through storytelling, multi-sensory techniques and DIY applications to inspire youth to get curious and inquisitive about the limitless practicality of science in every facet of life from arts to sports to cooking and beyond.

We take a prinicipled approach to education where the context will continually change but the ethos and values of what we deliver and why must always stay true to mission. Traditional education has been on autopilot and will continue to be until it has failed enough from the next generation. We are not waiting for that to happen. We want science to be at the core of every person's critical thinking and we do that by creating and reinforcing positive experiences around STEM. 

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