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We believe science plays a big role in solving all of the worlds problems big or small.


our programme for 3-5 years introduces our students to the relevance of science using many interesting and relevant scenarios with many hands-on and sensory engaging experiments that teach us about all the curious mysteries of the world around us as we learn how to unlock their secrets. 


We explore the science behind cooking from building flavours to mastering cooking techniques.


In this experiment style programme, our children eat what they make while developing their  fine motor skills and learning the importance of food, where food comes from and the basics of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

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Little Sprouts

A sensory and coordination enhancement program for young children to help kids strengthen synaptic connection with fine and gross motor movement using athletic equipment as well as adapted sport equipment (using the molecular DIY approach). 


This programme helps develop sensory connections for a well rounded child - using music, creative game play and using gymnastic elements.

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